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Frequently Asked Questions
Just ask Sophie.....

Below is a list of questions frequently asked of Mari-May Kennels. "Sophie" will be glad to help answer your questions below. Just click on the check box to the left of the question in order to view Sophie's answer. You will need a java enabled browser in order to view the answers.

"Dear Sophie....."

Q1. Why should I buy a Mari-May puppy?
Q2. Why are Mari-May puppies so exceptional?
Q3. Aren't all puppies the same?
Q4. Mari-May puppies are affordable. Why?
Q5. What is your application process?
Q6. How do you feel about microchipping puppies?
Q7. What does it mean to be a "Kennel"?
Q8. May I visit Mari-May Kennels?
Q9. Will I be allowed to handle puppies?
Q10. Do you own the parents of the puppy I might purchase?
Q11. Is it important to meet the parents of my puppy?
Q12. What is your policy regarding tail docking and dewclaw removal?
Q13. Why is dog nutrition important?
Q14. Why do you have a Pet Chapel?
Q15. Do you sell pups for other people or recommend other breeders?
Q16. How far to people travel for a Mari-May puppy?
Q17. Do you require a deposit?
Q18. When can I expect to pick up my puppy?
Q19. Where are you located?
Q20. What does it mean to be AKC registered?
Q21. Why do you offer only restricted AKC registrations on your pure-bred pups?
Q22. Do you sell AKC dogs for breeding?
Q23. Do you require a spay/neuter agreement on all your pups?
Q24. Do you offer stud service?

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