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Prices, Policies and Guarantee

Our puppy prices are both reasonable and fair. We sell healthy, vigorous pet quality puppies, canine cuties!

Our goal is to raise superb quality puppies with excellent backgrounds and pet potential for families seeking a superior, loving Shih-poo, Schnoodle or Maltepoo family member.

Our dogs are raised in a stress-free / cruelty free environment. All of our puppies are born and lovingly raised in our home and are highly socialized with children and pets.

In a sincere effort to ensure the future happiness of each and every individual puppy we sell, we carefully screen potential buyers. We apologize in advance to all potential buyers who might consider this rude on our part - that is truly not our intent. We love our dogs very much and more often than not, tears are shed on the day our pups leave for their new homes. It is very, very important to us that each puppy is promised a future of loving care in an excellent home. Our goal is to provide families with an opportunity to own an excellent puppy.

We absolutely DO NOT sell puppies for the purpose of breeding.
We do not sell pups or dogs to people who want to breed their dog and all purchasers must indicate the future purpose intended for the puppy they are selecting from Mari-May Kennels and sign a spay/neuter contract.

We DO NOT and absolutely WILL NOT ever knowingly sell our puppies or adults to puppy mill operations or brokers. Mari-May puppies are sold as pets only to families and individuals.

We DO NOT guarantee adult size or color. Size assessments are carefully based on our experience of over 20 years.

We do provide you with detailed information about both the Dam and Sire of your puppy including their names on your pups health card. We also encourage you to meet the Dam and Sire of the puppy you adopt.

Puppies are not held without a $150.00 deposit. Deposits must be received within 48 hours of buyer agreement. Deposits are non-refundable.

Puppies are expected to be picked up by the 56th day after birth unless otherwise recommended. A fee of $11.00 per day will be charged after that date (not before 56 days). All Mari-May puppies have been de wormed and vaccinated.

We expect our buyers to keep in contact with us via telephone only (not e-mail) for litter updates.

All Mari-May puppies are sold with a one year replacement guarantee as follows:


I. A 3 day Replacement Guarantee for diseases such as Distemper and Parvovirus. A Veterinarian Certificate that includes detailed lab results must be provided to Mari-May Kennels, plus Certificates from 2 Veterinarians verifying diagnosis. Sellers Vet will confirm any and all submitted diagnosis.

II. A one year Replacement Guarantee if your puppy expires due to a condition caused during the prenatal period. A Veterinarian Certificate with lab results must be provided plus Certificates from 2 Veterinarians saying it was definitely caused from the prenatal stage. Out of state buyers must send a copy of the 2 Veterinarian reports by certified mail. Sellers Vet will confirm any and all submitted diagnosis.

III. Pups must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Puppy replacement guarantee will absolutely be terminated if the puppy was abused and or does not have up to date health records of fecal analysis records and vaccinations from a qualified Veterinarian.

IV. This is a Replacement Guarantee that applies only if your puppy expires. The Seller of this Pup is not responsible for any Veterinarian bills of any type and is not obligated in any way for any refunds for Veterinarian or lab bills.

V. In rare instances a puppy might expire before the pick-up date. Seller/Breeder reserves the right to select another pup of equal value. Seller/Breeder reserves the right to have 10 months to replace the buyers expired puppy. The original purchase price will remain the same.

VI. A de-worming and immunization record is given for all puppies.

VII. All pups have been temperament tested.

VIII. Buyer agrees to annual vet checkups and all proper immunizations and de-worming.

IX. Buyer agrees to provide adequate housing, confine animal in house, fenced yard, kennel run or walked on leash, but not restrained on a rope, or tied to a doghouse.

X. Buyer agrees to find a suitable home for animal in the event care can no longer be provided and not surrender the animal to a animal shelter or the like. Mari-May Kennels will accept the animal back with no refund.

XI. Failure of purchaser to comply with the any of above conditions will void this contract.
We are 100% committed to the success of your purchase from us.

Customers receive the following, free, on Puppy Adoption day
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