Specialists in non-shedding Schnoodles, Shih-poos and Maltepoos.
Allergy friendly assistance, companion and therapy dogs.

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Over the years, we have had the extraordinary privilege of working with families in need of an assistance, therapy or service dog. It has has truly been a highlight of our work here at Mari-May Kennels, to successfully place very special dogs with families where their companionship occupation and/or ability to be trained for complicated task work will make such a meaningful and profound difference in someone's life.

The remarkable, intuitive and gentle temperaments of our bloodlines combined with non-shedding, easy-care coats and managable sizes (11-16 lbs) has resulted in dogs who have been providing meaningful service to people for almost 2 decades; especially our Schnoodles and Maltepoos. Mari May dogs prove themselves to be exceptionally outstanding as Assistance dogs and Therapy dogs to families with special needs, from adults to children. Thus, the interest for placement of our dogs and puppies in families with special needs has grown steadily.

Many Mari May dogs are in programs that regularly visit schools, hospitals and crisis centers and have also been sucessfully used in courtrooms to relieve tension for individuals on the witness stand, helping to instill reassurance and confidence.

We are happy to discuss the individual needs of families in this regard, and you may be assured of professional confidentiality.

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