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Holistic Dog Food at Mari-May Kennels

Ingredient examples of holistic homemade dog food

We really believe in and advocate for the importance of excellent nutrition for dogs. Excellent nutrition is one of the cornerstones of our management program for our dogs and we make every effort to ensure they are fed the most nutritious meals possible - we even cook for our dogs, every day!! Why do we place such an emphasis on excellent nutrition? The answer is very simple.

After genetics and environmental stability, few things have such a profound impact on the health, well-being and longevity of a dogs life as excellent nutrition. We take the nutritional needs of our dogs and puppies very seriously. Our Kennel is unique for the fact that we go to every extreme to ensure that our dogs receive a diet brimming with natural and wholesome sources of nutrition including eggs, milk, meats, and summer fresh produce. It is a great satisfaction to us to know that our dogs, faithful friends and beloved companions enjoy the same long term health benefits of natural food that we do!

As part of their daily diet, our dogs receive:

* Fresh milk

* Farm fresh eggs (cooked)

* Meat/vegetable stews with fresh meat -

ingredients shown in the picture above
* Whole grains

Is all of this effort really worth it? Absolutely! The benefits of our efforts can be noted in the extraordinary coat quality of all of our dogs, their complete lack of allergies and skin problems, and the individual excellent over-all mental and physical health of each and every one of the dogs who live here. Nutrition is just as important for a dog as it is for a human - never doubt that fundamental truth!

For practical purposes, we are careful to prepare our pups for the future likelyhood of a commercial diet in their new homes. We do this by incorporating an excellent dog food mixed along with their natural foods for the benefit and convenience of our buyers.

We also offer nutritional advice and education to our buyers and visitors via personal consultations and information posted at our Internet site.