• Ensure that at all times that all dogs under our care are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and maintained as family pets, and receive proper veterinary care when required.
  • To provide all dogs under our care with a mentally enriching and emotionally satisfying environment.
  • To maintain all dogs under our care on a holistic nutritional program which includes fresh, organic foods.
  • To permanently identify every dog in our breeding program and maintain accurate records.
  • Not breed any bitch under eighteen months of age.
  • Breed only for the purpose of providing dogs which truly reflect the hallmarks of the Mari May Canine Cuties breeding and training program which are;
       - Soundness of mind and body
       - Non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats.
       - Intelligent, gentle, willing and trainable personalities.
  • Screen potential buyers and fully disclose Mari-May policies.
  • Follow an appropriate vaccine and de worming schedule for all dogs and pups.
  • Provide a written health care record to all those acquiring a pup or dog from Mari-May Kennels.
  • Provide dietary information to all those acquiring a pup or dog from Mari-May Kennels.
  • Educate and provide resources to all persons acquiring a dog or pup, including information pertaining to physical care of the dog/pup as well as the emotional well being of the pup/dog.
  • Be an available resource at any time in the future to all those acquiring dogs/pups from Mari-May Kennels.
  • Not knowingly misrepresent the allergenic properties of the dog, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the specific characteristics of any dog.
  • Not sell any pup or dog to dog/puppy brokers, commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers, or directly or indirectly allow any dog to be given as a prize or donation in a raffle or contest of any kind.
  • Never to debark our puppies or dogs.
  • Not allow dogs under our care to roam at large and when away from home ensure they are kept fully leashed, or under effective control, at all times.
  • Obtain confirmation when a dog or puppy is given as a gift or donation to families with special needs, that the recipient is willing to accept the dog and able to provide appropriate care.
  • To require all clients acquiring a Mari-May puppy to spayed or neutered said pup.
  • Guarantee to take back any dog or pup acquired from us at any time in the future should the need arise.

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