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Specialists in allergy friendly, non shedding Schnoodles, Shihpoos and Maltepoos. Bred for temperament and style!

Maltepoos and Schnoodles
About Mari May Kennels

Located in northern Michigan, Mari-May Kennels is where a family works closely together to bring you top quality, non-shedding, low dander, small breed puppies for sale.

Mari-May Kennels specializes in toy and miniature puppies; Schnoodles, Shihpoos and Maltepoos - also known as designer dogs or Canine Cuties! Our dogs have a long history of genetic strength as well as proven service/companion dog temperaments. Mari-May Schnoodles, Shihpoos and Maltepoos make wonderful family pets, who are especially fond of children. This is because our breeding program focuses on temperament and personality. Our dogs have been successfully placed in homes as faithful companions as well as dependable service, therapy and assistance dogs.

If you are interested in a Mari-May puppy, you will be glad to know that what we feel is most important in dog breeding is, to selectively develop and maintain lines known and proven for intellegence, trainability and sweet, easy-going personalities. Thus, our Canine Cuties slogan: Bred for Temperament and Style.

We have been committed to working with dogs for over 2 decades and our dogs are an important and active part of our family. We have a very small, selective, holistic breeding program with a limited number of puppies available each year. We own the parents of our puppies, and they live in our home. We do not foster any of our dogs out to guardian families because all of our dogs are cherished family members, and our breeding program is very small and very selective! Read our Code of Ethics.

Mari May dogs are simply outstanding in every way and exemplify the best of sound conformation, personality and intelligence.

Thanks to those who helped us along the way...
We are glad for the information and encouragement we have received, and continue to glean from, various breeders and other canine professionals. It is nice to know that they are as close as a phone call! We have also been fortunate to have the resources of our local veterinarian, Dr. Schwartz in Lincoln, Michigan.

Why are Mari-May Schnoodles, Shih-poos and Maltepoos so outstanding? Read through our pages for information about all these subjects and more and be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Contact us to reserve a special Mari-May puppy for your family and we will be happy to guide you through our application process and answer any questions you may have. We also have a dog whelping page with educational birth graphics which this is a great resource for home schooling families.

We wish you well on this important journey to find a new puppy, and sincerely thank you for your interest in Mari-May Kennels. We consider it a privilege to serve you and a joy to share our enthusiasm for, and love of, dogs!



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We will have puppies available for Christmas 2013.
Watch our Available Puppy Page for updates!

Mari-May Kennels participates in the American Kennel Club DNA testing program and micro chip dog identification.

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